Apollo Series

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Looking for something different?

The Apollo series enclosures are our premium aluminum shower enclosure.

  • The header resembles crown molding and the wall jambs look like fluted wood.
  • Solid through-the-glass hardware resembles turned wood and have a great feel.
  • For smaller shower openings our standard wall jambs can be used in place of the wider Apollo style wall jambs.
  • Available with our optional Cardinal S-Curve glass.

The Apollo series can accommodate 1/4" glass while the Heavy Apollo series can take 3/8" clear, patterned or even cast glass, creating a gorgeous slider.

Available Sizes:

46" to 72" Wide

Standard Heights:

57 3/8", 62 3/8", 70 3/8", 75 3/8"


Apollo Series - 1/4" Clear

Heavy Apollo Series - 3/8" Clear

Dozens of other patterned and cast glass available

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Cardinal 10 Surface Protection

Cardinal 10 Surface Protection is a glass protection system that repels both water (hydrophobic) and oils (oleophobic). This means less cleaning, protection from mildew, soap scum and scratches, and no need for harsh or abrasive cleaners. Available on any of our glass options

Cardinal S Curve

Now you can have a slider that is Sleek, Stylish and Sophisticated. Cardinal Shower Enclosures is pleased to announce the availability of our new S Curve Euro Slider.